Supernova is the Keweenaw's own yoga studio, fine art gallery, & bohemian boutique. Merging art, ambiance, and experience, our studio classes convey the tradition of yoga to strengthen the body and steady the mind. Located in historic Downtown Calumet, we honor classical yoga as a time-tested practice and honors Ashtanga and Kundalini lineages.

Supernova is all-inclusive and accessible to everyone. ​Absolutely no experience is necessary. We foster a non-competitive and welcoming environment. Diverse offerings and specialized classes challenge beginning and advanced students alike.


Sessions include classical poses (asanas), regulated breathing (pranayamas), and relaxation (samyana). ​We emphasize bodily-alignment and awareness to prevent harm (ahimsa). We work through existing injuries and alignments to optimize wellbeing through yoga's enduring mind-body practice.


Join us for relaxation & fun at our new studio in Historic Downtown Calumet.

​All teaching is Yoga Alliance© certified.

Our Teachers


Dr. Jill Kalcich

M.D., RYT-200

Jill Kalcich is a Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Jill has been studying and practicing yoga for 20+ years.  She practiced yoga during medical school and her residency to keep stress levels in check.  In 2014, she took her first Kundalini Yoga class and found a way to deeply connect to the  energetic and therapeutic aspects of the practice. She is passionate about sharing yoga with others.  She completed her teacher training in Hawaii and continues to study in her spare time. Jill has been teaching yoga part-since then. When Jill is not doing yoga or practicing medicine you can find her hiking with her family, gardening, or enjoying a good book.  


Renate Giannini


Renate is a Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with a wealth of teaching experience. She has practiced yoga for thirty years. Renate studied yoga in Northern India with Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu. She has also completed training in Meditation (2007) and Reiki (2006). She has led sessions in Eagle Harbor, Michigan since 2004. Renate has attracted dedicated practitioners who value her insight, experience, and meditative approach. She made the Copper Country her home in 1999. Renate loves being close to Lake Superior--kayaking and scuba diving. She enjoys spending time in nature hiking, bird watching, berry-picking, and snowshoeing.  She also enjoys reading about nature, texts on spiritual philosophy, and works of historical fiction. 

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Rebecca Godtfelty


Rebecca is an experienced Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). She enjoys sharing the gifts of yoga with her students.. Rebecca is committed to community service and making the world a better place. Over the past 25 years, she has carried out these commitments by service in the public sector. Currently, Rebecca serves as the Executive Director of the Keweenaw Storytelling Center in Calumet, Michigan. Rebecca has a degree in Broadcast Communications /Video Production  and a B.A. In Social Science-International Relations from James Madison College at Michigan State University.   She has earned graduate credits in Sociology from the American University in Cairo and in Film and Digital-Media from Main Media College in Rockport, Maine.  


Katy Ellenich


Katy is a Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Katy has been doing yoga with her Mom since there was yoga on channel 13. It wasn’t until pursuing her Master’s of Fine Arts at WVU though that she finally found the yoga that made her heart sing. In class, Katy hopes students find power with a laugh and surprise in their strength; always striving to make challenging poses accessible and offer many options so there is something for everyone. With breathing in mind students are encouraged to feel each pose, find all the length in their body, and tap into the meditative qualities of their practice. Off the mat, Katy is writing/editing her thesis and enjoying a very pleasant peninsula while hiking, swimming, rock hunting, kayaking, and so much more with her family and best dog buddy, Moose.


Christina Hermann 

Ph.D., RYT-500


Christina Hermann is the owner and primary teacher at Supernova Yoga. She is an Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance®. Her teaching is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (classical yoga) which joins breath and movement for well-being. 


She started yoga as a type of exercise, a foundation for sports and her active lifestyle, and as a way to balance her demanding work routine. But, physical injury deepened her practice. Christina credits yoga for her recovery from a debilitating injury, one from which her physicians told her she would not recover. Her teaching is dedicated to sharing yoga’s power to heal and transform.


She began to study yoga at Prana Yoga Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan where she gained 200-Hour Certification was mentored by Jennifer Whipple. She now studies with Kino McGregor and Tim Feldman of the Miami Life Center and earned 500 Hour Certification and Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner status under their guidance. Off the mat, Christina is an historian of the Atlantic World whose research focuses on labor systems, social struggle, and mass incarceration. 


Christina resides in Calumet, Michigan. She takes inspiration from the area's rugged landscape, abundant snowfall, dynamic community, and simplicity of life. She delights in time spent on the trail and off with her beloved Siberian Huskies.