About Us

Supernova is the Keweenaw's own Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga studio, fine art gallery, and boutique . Merging art, ambiance, & experience, daily classes in our studio tap into yoga's timeless and universal power to create, heal & transform. 

Supernova Yoga is for everyone!

The yoga we teach is an ancient and time-tested science of the body and mind. Yoga combines physical poses, breath-work, relaxation techniques, and meditation to optimize health and happiness. It is all-inclusive and respectful of all beings.

Yoga starts exactly where you are. Absolutely no experience is necessary. Classes provide basic instruction for beginners, sessions for more experienced practitioners, and a variety of specialized classes. Sessions include: Introduction to Yoga (Hatha basics), Yoga for Seniors, passive yoga practice, (yin yoga), Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga. All classes include traditional postures and poses (asanas), regulated breathing (pranayama), and relaxation (samyana). In linking breath, body, and movement, you will gain greater balance, strength, flexibility, and focus.

 Teaching is dedicated to fostering the highest degree of health and healing through yoga’s universal mind-body practice.   We create a non-competitive, non-judgemental, affirmative environment. This promotes acceptance of ourselves, acceptance of others, and greater understanding in our world. We pay particular attention to bodily-alignment and self-awareness to prevent harm or injury. We work through existing injuries and ailments for restoration and optimal wellbeing. Our practice fosters greater presence and balance for everyday living.

All teaching is Yoga Alliance© certified. Join us for relaxation & fun at our new studio in Historic Downtown Calumet.